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Rincon High School Directory
Alissa Welch
Photo Alissa Welch Principal - Tucson High Magnet School
Contact Ms. Welch via email

Pablo Madrid
Photo of Pablo Madrid Assistant Principal - Tucson High Magnet School
Asst. Principal
Contact Mr. Madrid via email

Carolyn Jones
Photo of Carolyn Jones, Assistant Principal - Tucson High Magnet School
Asst. Principal
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English 9
English 11
English 12
Room: 207
Phone: 232-5741
Contact Ms. Quigley via email
English 10
Room: 211
Phone: 232-5745
Contact Ms. Fakler via email
English 9
Room: 212
Phone: 232-5747
Contact Mr. Huff via email
English 9
English 9, Honors
AP Literature
Room: 209
Phone: 232-5794
Contact Ms. Waclawik via email
English 9
English 11
Room 127
Contact Ms. Ooka via email
Algebra I
College Algebra
Room: 216
Phone: 232-5752
Contact Ms. Burleson via email
Algebra I
Room: 219
Phone: 232-5755
Contact Ms. Mills via email
Algebra II
Algebra II, Honors
Room: 214
Phone: 232-5856
Contact Mr. Ecelbarger via email
Algebra I, Honors
ELD Algebra
ELD Geometry
Room: 220
Phone: 232-5756
Contact Mr. Herndon via email
Math 142 and 151
Room: 218
Phone: 232-5754
Contact Ms. Papenfus via email
Honors Geometry
Room: 224
Phone: 232-5828
Contact Mr. Shanton via email
Social Studies
AP World History
World History
Room: P6
Phone: 232-5766
Contact Mr. Gerl via email
AP Government
Room: P1
Phone: 232-5763
Contact Ms. Reeves via email
American Government
World History
Room: P2
Phone: 232-5764
Contact Ms. Easley via email
American History
Room: P5
Phone: 232-5765
Contact Mr. Abbott via email
Global Issues
US CR American History AA
American History
Room: P4
Phone: 232-5762
Contact Mr. Jacobson via email
World History
American History
US CR American History MA
Room: P3
Phone: 232-5761
Contact Mr. McElhaney via email
AP Physics 1
Dual Credit Chem 130IN
Room: SL-102
Phone: 232-5704
Contact Mr. Fosse via email
Marine Biology
Rm: 206
Contact Ms. Ryan Mammana via email
Stem and Honors Biology
Room 112
Contact Mr. Brenden Neilan via email
Earth Science
Room: 202
Phone: 232-5680
Contact Mr. Francone via email
Environmental Science
Room: 107
Phone: 232-5629
Contact Ms. Hurley via email
Room:  113
Phone: 232-5609
Contact Mr. Murray via email
Counselor A-F
Phone:  232-5618
Contact Ms. Morgan via email

Office hourse by appointment only.
Student Counselor G-M
Contact Mr. Shawn Pannell via email

Office hourse by appointment only.
Counselor N-Z
Phone:  232-5648
Contact Ms. Kazen via email

Office hourse by appointment only.
College & Career Readiness Program Coordinator
Phone:  232-5619
Contact Mrs. Vasquez via email
Make an appointment with Mrs. Vasquez
Career and Technical
Digital Photography
Journalism & Year Book
Room: T3
Phone: 232-5652
Contact Ms. Damiani via email
Room: T9
Phone: 232-5805
Contact Mr. Pelton via email
Exceptional Education
World Languages
Spanish 1,2
AP Spanish Language
Room: P-7
Phone: 232-5768
Contact Ms. Wong via email
Spanish 3,4
Spanish 5,6
Room: P8
Phone: 232-5737
Contact Mr. Rodriguez via email
French 1,2
French 3,4
Room:  T-6
Phone: 232-5847
Contact Dr. Fackelman via email
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