Whenever possible, students should see their counselors before school, after school, or during the lunch hour. Students can make an appointment to see their counselor during class time. All students reporting to the counseling office during class time must have an appointment slip or call slip. Counselors are available daily from 7:45 a.m. – 3:15 p.m. or by appointment.
Multi Tiered System of Support for Students

Rincon High School's Multi Tiered System of Support (MTSS) is designed to support students academically and behaviorally. It is a progressive intervention system that starts in the classroom with the teacher. A teacher may suggest that a student attend conference periods or tutoring time or the teacher may speak privately with the student. The next level of intervention involves parents. The school counselor or teacher may suggest a parent/teacher conference or the school counselor or MTSS facilitator may ask for assistance from district student support specialists. The third level of intervention may consist of utilizing resources outside of our school district.

Rincon High School has a reputation for being a warm, welcoming school with a diverse student population. We want to foster a kind school community. To this end Rincon utilizes positive behavioral intervention and support. This is a reward system to encourage students to make positive choices and contribute to our welcoming school climate. We have Ranger Reward cards which are scratcher cards that offer a variety of incentives for students. 

Rincon's MTSS facilitator is Michelle Callahan-DuMont. Contact Michelle Callahan-DuMont by email.

Your Rincon High School Counselors are here to help you. Please reach out to your school counselor if you need academic, emotional, personal or family help.

Ms. Morgan
Students with last names A - F

Contact Ms. Morgan by email

Mr. Pannell
Students with last names G - M

Contact Mr. Pannell by email

Ms. Kazen
Students with last names N - Z

Contact Ms. Kazen by email

Mrs. Vasquez
College and Career Readiness Counselor
Contact Mrs. Vasquez by email
Graduation Requirements
23 credits to Graduate
A credit equals a year long class

4 credits of English
4 credits of Math
3 credits of Science
3 credits of Social Studies 
(World history, American history, American gov/economics)
1 credit of PE
1 credit of Fine Arts or Career and Technology Ed. (CTE)
.5 credit of Health
6.5 credits of electives
Student Assistance with Grief and/or Trauma
These resources are available to help students dealing with grief and/or trauma:
Senior Timeline

Visit the FAFSA Website

The most important site to qualify for scholarships and financial aid!

All eligible students should complete the FAFSA beginning Oct. 1st for the following school year. Watch for priority deadlines for the colleges of your choice.

Arizona Priority Deadlines

Northern Arizona University – November 15

Arizona State University – January 15

University of Arizona – March 1

Pima Community College – March 1

You can still receive financial aid if you miss these deadlines, but you might receive less money if you miss the deadline. Don't miss out on money because of procrastination! 

Use the FAFSA Checklist to get started today!

FAFSA Checklist (in PDF)

Common Application

Visit the Common App Website

Research the Common Application if you are interested in going to college out-of-state. This application allows you to fill out one generic application and send it to all schools that accept it.

CSS Profile

Visit the College Board Website

Start the CSS Profile. The University of Arizona requires the CSS Profile for students wishing to qualify for the Arizona Assurance Program. Many out-of-state universities also require the CSS Profile.


Visit the College Board Website and Create your CSS Profile

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