Your Rincon High School Counselors are here to help you.  
Please reach out to us if you need academic, emotional, personal or family help. 

School Counseling Department Office Hours are from 7:45am - 3:15pm on school days.

Whenever possible, students should see their counselors before school, after school, or during conference periods.   All students reporting to the counseling office during class time must have a hall pass from a teacher or a call slip from a counselor.

Freshman A-Z
Grades 9
Gianni Febbraro
Email G. Febbraro
Students A-M
Grades 10-12

Jill Morgan
Email J. Morgan
Students N-Z
Grades 10-12

Kat Kaderabek

Email B. Kaderabek
Graduation Specialist
Grade 12

KJ Tousley

Email KJ Tousley
College & Career Readiness Counselor          Jennifer Vasquez          Email J. Vasquez
RHS CCR Center News
Join Your Peer Coaches at Lunch!
Got Your Cash for College? Scholarships? FAFSA? College? Class of 2024.
Join Your FAFSA Peer Coaches on the Breezeway Tuesdays at Lunch.
  • Show us your submitted applications! 📝
  • FAFSA wins a Duck,
  • School app. wins Grad shades,
  • Scholarship app. wins Star bubbles!   
  • Plus get your Senior Slide Show Pics 📸
FAFSA Drop-Ins
FAFSA Drop-Ins     
FAFSA Family Workshop
Thursdays 4-6pm on ZOOM 
Meeting ID: 883 3420 8990  Passcode: RHSCCRC
Zoom workshops are scheduled through May 9th with varying themes. 
See our Q3 CCR Newsletter, but,we're always here for FAFSA Help!
Please RSVP for a College & Career Event
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